NXNE 2013: 16 picks, Off The Beaten Path

NXNE 2013 is upon us.  Everyone wants your attention. Without a doubt the buzz of ‘what’s hot’ and ‘the places Read more

I Play Records - Vol 7: THE PRETENDERS first LP

I play Records: The Pretenders first LP I was just in my local record emporium, Eastside Records in Tempe, AZ, Read more

So, This Happened: Poetry In Voice 2013

So, this happened; Poetry In Voice. National Finals May 15th, 2013. Isabel Bader Theatre. Toronto. One of my favorite events Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: Good Ol' Freda and Our Nixon

SASSYTIDBITS caught the following two films, Good Ol' Freda and Our Nixon, at Hot Docs.  Both films feature rarely seen footage, images and Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: The Punk Singer & Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

SASSYTIDBITS caught the following two films, The Punk Singer and Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer, at Hot Docs. Both films explore how the Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: Elena & Wrong Time Wrong Place

SASSYTIDBITS caught Elena and Wrong Time Wrong Place at Hot Docs. The tragedy in each film comes with a the message of love Read more

Hot Docs 2013: Les Blank Retrospective, Program 1 The Maestros

We had the good fortune to be able to secure a few advance screeners for some of our top Hot Read more

Same Seven: The Milk Carton Kids

Every week we ask people the same seven questions This week meet: Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan The Milk Carton Kids Eagle Rock, Read more

So, This Happened: Patti Smith

So, This Happened; Three nights of pure bliss with Patti Smith March 7, 2013; Patti Smith – An Evening of Read more

Review: Sandra Bernhard, I Love Being Me, Don't You?

When we heard Sandra Bernhard was going to be in town performing her acclaimed one woman show “I Love Being Read more

Glen Hansard – Rhythm and Repose

Glen Hansard‘s first solo album Rhythm and Repose is now available. In preparation of this, he made a short stop in Toronto and played a few new songs for an invite only crowd.  And YES, we were among the lucky ones there. 

The showcase was at the Great Hall, due to a flight delay he arrived slightly late to the venue. No matter. He walked into the building immediate took out his guitar and started playing.  I don’t even think the crowd was as ready as he was, although they were with him within moments. He even got the spoiled, normally jaded crowd to sing along on one of the new albums best tracks High Hope.  When he was done treating us to new songs and old favourites, the crowd buzzed with knowledge that they had seen something special.

I have seen Glen perform several times before; with his band The Frames and as part of the Academy Award winning duo The Swell Season.  Another memorable time was during select screenings for the movie Once prior to its release.  He came with the director for a Q&A session and after the screening he played a few songs. It was evident he was one of those artists who has no choice but to play music, to create art.  Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 20, 2012

3D Pac-Man street art3D Pac Man street art, 30 year “Life In Hell” over for Matt Groening, iconic interviews with Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan donated to Library Of Congress, Monsters’ University teaser trailer, Swype keyboard for Android gets major upgrade, Deadmau5 makes cover of the Rolling Stone, Pendulum calls it quits, vampires vs. zombies, who wins?

Incredible 3D Pac Man street art in the Netherlands
from Mashable

Matt Groening ends more than 30 year run of comic strip “Life In Hell”
from the New York Times

Interviews by Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and more donated to the Library Of Congress
from the New York Daily News

First teaser trailers for the Monsters prequel Monsters’ University
from Gawker

Read more

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Review: Rock Of Ages

Well the hype has been drumming for Rock Of Ages.  We thought we should weigh in.  So Trixi checked out the movie in LA, I went on my own in Toronto and LaLa, well, she always does her own thing. 

Previews before:  The Odd Life of Timothy Green – New Leaf, Great GatsbyWon’t Back DownMagic Mike 

Trixi POV:  There is a lot of buzz about Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in this film, see my previous column.  I went into the theatre with low expectations, and somehow it was still worse than expected. The music is great, but it’s essentially the same story as Coyote Ugly, in musical form. My biggest problem was how it was filmed. It was visually stagnant. A musical needs to be shot with more exciting shots and camera angles (ala Chicago). Also, the Catherine Zeta Jones character was underused, and I don’t need a PG-13 movie about the rock scene. Naturally, Tom Cruise is the best thing about the movie, which should come as no surprise.

Sherry POV: Okay, to be truthful, for the longest time I mixed this film up with We Will Rock You, the Queen musical, which was terrific.  When I realized it wasn’t, I was very hesitant to Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 19, 2012


New web app Timista helps you figure out stuff to do, Morrissey tours in odd places, Twitter sensation inks Hollywood writing deal, Spotify launches free radio service, Picasso painting tagged in broad daylight, Tunisian artists launch petition, Kony 2012 campaign creators not amused by parody, big art sales expected in London

Timista figures out stuff for you to do based on where you are
from Mashable

Morrissey unveils unorthodox tour schedule
from SPIN

Twitter sensation Kelly Oxford signs Hollywood screenwriting deal
from The LA Times

Spotify launches iOS based free radio listening experience, challenges Pandora
from Bloomberg

Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 18, 2012

Seth Godin's The Icarus Deception

Seth Godin funds book in under 3 hours on Kickstarter, Songza surpasses 1M iOS downloads in just 10 days, American Mugshot film looks at mugshots as art, “femcees” shaking up the hip-hop world, 10 game changing internet innovators, National Jazz Museum in Harlem expands, Shia LaBeouf bares all in new Sigur Rós vid

Seth Godin funds book in under 3 hours via Kickstarter
from Mashable

Music streaming app Songza hits 1M iOS downloads in just 10 days

from TechCrunch

American Mugshot documentary looks at how the mugshot became art
from The Huffington Post

Read more

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Review – Radiohead (with Caribou), Montreal, June 15

Radiohead MontrealSASSYTIDBITS hit the road to catch Radiohead in Montreal for their June 15 show, part of their 2012 North American tour.

Despite my long time admiration of Radiohead, I only managed to catch a live show once 4 years ago at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto in support of the 2007 pay-what-you-can, self-released In Rainbows. My first true live Radiohead experience was a revelation and without question one of my top 5 concert going events. So, when I heard that they were touring again in support of their latest release, 2011’s King Of Limbs there was no question that I would be going.

My relationship with the band began, well, in the beginning with 1993’s Pablo Honey. While it’s was unlikely that they would play “Creep” on this tour, one can dream. Since then, I have listened to everything they’ve released with varying levels of engagement. Like most early fans, my favourite albums were 1995’s The Bends and 1997’s OK Computer.

After that, I thought for a while that they lost the plot a little bit (I know, don’t hate). I don’t think anyone would disagree that they took a turn off the beaten path that was a challenge for fans of their earlier releases to follow. I have lots of friends that lost interest in the band but I’ve stuck with them and based on their continued string of sold out shows, it’s clear I’m not the only one. I never wrote them off or stopped listening even during the contentious Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2003) period, it was a little more challenging (which in retrospect and given their entire body of work, is not necessarily a bad thing, IMHO).

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Same Seven – Sean Dean of The Sadies

Every week we ask people the same seven questions.

This week meet:

Sean Dean

Bass player, The Sadies

Toronto, ON

  1. Where are you?
    Guelph, Ontario, Canada, The Ward.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    The Chayns…four songs i recently found. These guys are a Texas band around 1966.
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    My favourite burnout activity is listening to MSNBC/Democracy Now in bed all day long. 
  4. What kind of art do you live with?
    The art I live with would have to be my extensive collection of upright bass figurines (bears/dogs/cats/clowns playing upright basses). Read more
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Today’s Tidbits – June 14, 2012

Ice-T & Chuck D

Courtesy of Indomina Ice-T (left) with Chuck D in a still from his documentary From Something to Nothing: The Art of Rap. Courtesy of Indomina.

Ice-T on the The Art Of Rap, HBO apologizes for Bush head on stake in Game Of Thrones, Nokia downsizing, Sobey Art Award short list announced, Polaris long list announced later today, Streep says more women need in film industry, Rufus Wainwright makes video from fans’ Instagrams, ABC’s summer ballet dramedy Bunheads hits the mark

“Professor” Ice-T gives a history lesson in film “The Art Of Rap”
from NPR

Oooops … HBO issues apology for Bush head on stake in Game Of Thrones
from Entertainment Weekly

Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs, close 3 facilities
from The New York Times

Prestigious Sobey Art Award shortlists five artists from across Canada
from The CBC

Read more

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Review: Chroma, National Ballet Of Canada, June 12

Elena Lobsanova and Jiří Jelinek in Chroma. Photographer: Bruce Zinger.

Elena Lobsanova and Jiří Jelinek in Chroma. Photographer: Bruce Zinger.

You may have noticed that here at SASSYTIDBITS we like The White Stripes in general and Jack White in particular. Not in a “we think he’s dreamy kind of way” but more in a “he’s a talented guy and we love (for the most part) his musical genius”. So, when we heard that the National Ballet Of Canada was planning on performing Chroma, a piece that included adaptations of White Stripes songs, we had to see it having missed the first performance in the 2010/11 season.

Originally produced and choreographed for the London Royal Ballet by Wayne McGregor in 2006, Chroma won numerous awards and critical acclaim. When Karen Kain, the company’s artistic director, brought this contemporary masterpiece to Toronto last season it received rave reviews from press and patrons alike and having now seen it, it’s easy to see why. A big part of what makes it so compelling is the set which was designed by architect John Pawson. It’s stark whiteness and angular lines was reflected in the dancers’ costumes and perfectly matched the edginess of the music. British composer Joby Talbot scored the piece, including three White Stripes’ songs: “Aluminum”, “The Hardest Button To Button” and “Blue Orchid”. It’s a testament to the talent of Jack White that these pieces have been adapted so successfully into such a contrasting genre and medium. The dancing was flawlessly executed by a mixture of the company’s principal dancers and first soloists and, as usual, Greta Hodgkinson and Alexsander Antonijevic were stand outs.

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Today’s Tidbits – June 13, 2012

CBGB toilet

Actual CBGB toilets & cash register to appear in film, battle over ‘Painter Of Light’ Thomas Kinkade’s $66M estate, Colbert wants to take over @Sweden, get iOS6 features on your Android now, London Olympics bad for local music festival scene, massive Chinese contemporary art donation to Hong Kong museum, mobile entertainment revenues set to exceed $65B by 2016, Britney’s Blackout album added to Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

CBGB movie will feature actual toilets, cash register
from Spin

Battle brewing between widow & mistress over $66M estate of ‘Painter Of Light’ artist Thomas Kinkade
from The Daily Mail

Colbert’s #artificialswedener already trending as he makes case for taking over @Sweden
from Mashable

How to get iOS 6’s best new features in Android right now
from Lifehacker

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