NXNE 2013: 16 picks, Off The Beaten Path

NXNE 2013 is upon us.  Everyone wants your attention. Without a doubt the buzz of ‘what’s hot’ and ‘the places Read more

I Play Records - Vol 7: THE PRETENDERS first LP

I play Records: The Pretenders first LP I was just in my local record emporium, Eastside Records in Tempe, AZ, Read more

So, This Happened: Poetry In Voice 2013

So, this happened; Poetry In Voice. National Finals May 15th, 2013. Isabel Bader Theatre. Toronto. One of my favorite events Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: Good Ol' Freda and Our Nixon

SASSYTIDBITS caught the following two films, Good Ol' Freda and Our Nixon, at Hot Docs.  Both films feature rarely seen footage, images and Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: The Punk Singer & Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

SASSYTIDBITS caught the following two films, The Punk Singer and Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer, at Hot Docs. Both films explore how the Read more

Hot Docs 2013 Review: Elena & Wrong Time Wrong Place

SASSYTIDBITS caught Elena and Wrong Time Wrong Place at Hot Docs. The tragedy in each film comes with a the message of love Read more

Hot Docs 2013: Les Blank Retrospective, Program 1 The Maestros

We had the good fortune to be able to secure a few advance screeners for some of our top Hot Read more

Same Seven: The Milk Carton Kids

Every week we ask people the same seven questions This week meet: Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan The Milk Carton Kids Eagle Rock, Read more

So, This Happened: Patti Smith

So, This Happened; Three nights of pure bliss with Patti Smith March 7, 2013; Patti Smith – An Evening of Read more

Review: Sandra Bernhard, I Love Being Me, Don't You?

When we heard Sandra Bernhard was going to be in town performing her acclaimed one woman show “I Love Being Read more

Same Seven – Eric Alper

Every week we ask people the same seven questions.

This week meet:

Eric Alper

Director of Media Relations & Label Acquisitions, eOne Music Canada

CTV’s Canada AM music correspondent

Richmond Hill, ON – far enough from the city, close enough to drive

  1. Where are you?
    In the office at 6:00am. Morning for me comes in 3 sizes: 1) Early. 2) Too early. 3) Way too early.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    My Bloody Valentine - Loveless. Forget the remasters, this album still rocks the house right royally. Read more
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Today’s Tidbits – June 28, 2012


Major Lazer

Major Lazer from HARD Haunted Mansion 2011 / Photo by Erik Voake

Is live electronica going mainstream with Live Nation acquisition of HARD?, Scorsese going digital, London Cultural Olympiad ticket sales at halfway point, B.J. Novak leaving The Office, Google Nexus 7 tab after Kindle Fire, MP3 bitrate experiment results revealed, eBooks not selling in Europe, Basquiat, Bacon & Klein break records in London Christie’s auction

Live Nation acquires LA based electronica/dance promoter HARD, signals increased consumer interest in the genre?
from SPIN

Long time “real” film advocate Martin Scorsese moves to digital
from The Independent

Over half of the 4M available tickets to London’s Cultural Olympiad have been sold
from The Stage

B.J. Novak leaving The Office
from The Huffington Post

Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 27, 2012


Henson puppet film The Happytime Murders will feature sex & violence, Nora Ephron-’When Harry Met Sally’ Screenwriter Dies At 71, Jackson Pollock Key Work to be restored, Six social media myths that marketers should ignore, Muse’s ‘Survival’  Official Song for London Olympics50 Cent’s latest brush with death, Finalists named for RBC Canadian Painting Competition, XWave Sport Can Tell You What Your Brain Should Already Know

Henson puppet film The Happytime Murders to feature sex and violence

from guardian.co.uk

50 Cent Car Crash: His Latest Brush With Death

from contactmusic.com

Getty Center To Restore Key Jackson Pollock Work

from huffingtonpost.com

Six myths about social media that every marketer should ignore

from econsultancy.com

Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 26, 2012

Vizio Co-StarLondon poetry bombing, watch out Sony here comes Vizio, Jack White doesn’t jam with Petty + Vedder, film disputing immaculate conception raising hackles, Spice Girls the musical, Media6Degrees predicts what you want, Latitude Art Prize short list, 5 home devices you can control with Twitter

London to be bombarded by “poetry bombing”
from The Guardian

Vizio chasing Sony in Google TV game
from TechCrunch

Jack White enjoys show but doesn’t join Petty, Vedder on stage jam
from SPIN

Controversial film disputing the immaculate conception of Jesus raising hackles 
from The Daily Mail

Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 25, 2012

Naked ObamaFacebook forces users to use @facebook addresses, Atwood joins Wattpad, Julian Assange dating life to be made into film, The Black Keys file lawsuit, Samsung Galaxy SIII sales to top 10M, naked Barack Obama, Blur plays new songs on roof, Royal Albert Hall box available for £550K 

Facebook forcing all users to @facebook.com email addresses

from Ars Technica

Margaret Atwood join story sharing site Wattpad

from The Guardian

Julian Assange’s internet dating adventures to be made into a film

from The Guardian

The Black Keys file lawsuit against Pizza Hut, Home Depot

from Music Week Read more

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Interview – Cornelia Konrads, Site Specific Artist

Meet Cornelia Konrads, a German artist who creates spectacular, gravity defying site specific pieces in locations through out the world. Each piece is unique and designed for the particular space it inhabits. We were thrilled to be able to ask her some questions about her work and creative process.

How does one decide to create Land Art?Cornelia Konrads Skulpturenlandschaft Osnabrück (Germany)

I am very skeptical of the term “land art“. I feel it’s overused and applied to more commercialised areas: fancy garden decorations, nature kitsch and neat education programs fall under the term “land art”. This is far removed from the ideas of  the original land art movement.

I prefer to call my work “site specific art”, because it is related to a certain site and in a close dialogue with it. I feel this is a better description of what my work represents because I’m interested in sites and places and the stories they have to tell; their history, topography, architecture or vegetation. Also, a potential site for me can be anywhere, not only in a rural areas.

Is this what you wanted to do when you grew up?

Well, maybe … I was a kid who liked to play in the mud and to construct sheds. I still do this, just in a larger format. Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 22, 2012

Today’s Tidbits: Young Geniuses, Dali stolen, Newsroom review, Riot Fest expands, Dallas Museum scores $300K, Yoko, Kim & Thurston, Babs directs…

from Mashable

from CBC

from Hollywood Reporter

from Pollstar

from ArtInfo

from Music News

from Parade

from CNET

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Same Seven – Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot

Every week we ask people the same seven questions.

This week meet:

Eric Nakamura

Owner, Giant Robot

Los Angeles, CA

  1. Where are you?
    West Los Angeles
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    Easy, it’s My Bloody ValentineLoveless.
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    I don’t drink at all but I’d play Modern Warfare.  Although it sounds crude, it’s a great lesson in teamwork and a look into the habits and mentality of people, if you choose to play that way.  You can just blast away mindlessly if you want as well. I don’t. Read more
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Justify My Love – Episode 7, Keepin’ It Real


My friend who doesn’t have a television (don’t get me started), came over the other night to ingest some TV.  She wasn’t looking to be educated or challenged. She just wanted to decompress and be entertained. While channel surfing, she came across the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Even with the aforementioned criteria, she only lasted about 15 minutes. As she began to curse at the TV, we began to dissect the genre as a whole. I blurted out, “I hate reality shows”. Now, this might seem contraire to previous articles. Yes, I watch American Idol and The Voice, but I consider those to be talent shows. These have been on since the beginning of television. I also exclude “competition” shows such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway and Top Chef. These are contests, with actual outcomes and winners. When I say I hate reality shows, I mean “reality” shows. The ones devised to make you think you are peering into someone’s private life, uncensored and candid. Sadly, these shows are as scripted as Law & Order.

Living in Los Angeles, I have some insider information as it were. Twice, my friends were present when shows were being filmed in local restaurants. The director in both cases asked the person walking to the table to “re-do” their entrance, SEVERAL times. Read more

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Today’s Tidbits – June 21, 2012

Alec Baldwin drops pants to playdown punch, M.I.A. releases Bad Girls’ Remixes on USB Necklaces, Creatures on canvas, cast in metals, suspended in air at Switzerland’s massive show, How to keep Facebook from recognizing your face, Lilly Allen returns to studio, Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart getting married(?!),  WWJD … with Video Art?, Old Media Keeps Seducing Startup Kids


Alec Baldwin and David Letterman Drop Pants on The Late Show

from usmagazine.com

M.I.A. Releasing ‘Bad Girls’ Remixes on USB Necklaces

from billboard.com

Art Basel: Animals

from coolhunting.com

How to Keep Facebook from Recognizing Your Face

from readwriteweb.com Read more

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