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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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Hello! The Book Of Mormon

Hello! The Book Of Mormon

| On 03, Oct 2014

Hello! Okay we may be a little late to the party, but we are now fully converted! Hello! The Book Of Mormon is playing in Toronto. Hello!

A religious satire, The Book of Mormon is the musical brain child of South Park creator’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with Robert Lopez. Really, who else would be able to come up with a musical about Mormons going to Uganda to covert villagers oppressed by warlords. Knowing the creators, as one would expect, the material is explicit, potentially offensive to most and hilarious. Debuting on Broadway in 2011 and still running, two national tours, opening in London’s West End and now with a movie on its way, this musical will be around for a long time converting many more followers to its church. Hello!

Kudos to the cast as they have a lot of lines and this is a fast paced show. In Toronto, the two main leads played by Gavin Creel (Elder Price) and Christopher John O’Neill (Elder Cunningham) perfectly embody the smiley spirit of their characters and are enjoyable to watch. It is the sweetness of Alexandra Ncube who plays Nabulungi that steals the show in our books.

The stage is a framed church and the opening set has a few nods to Canada if you look for them. The Mormon costumes are crisp and spot on. A special mention has to go out to the LED lighting in the Jesus costume.

And now we are officially obsessed with The Book Of Mormon and may just need to see if we can grab some tickets when we are in NYC a few weeks from now.  Until then we will just have to be happy with being able to be part of this…#LoveMormon – the ‘most amazing’ fan page. Hello!


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