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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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POP Montreal 2014: 9 Picks Off The Beaten Path

POP Montreal 2014: 9 Picks Off The Beaten Path

| On 17, Sep 2014

POP Montreal starts today and if you’re going, you’ve got some tough decisions to make. How will you ever make those important picks you ask? Fear not: SASSYTIDBITS is taking the ‘off the beaten path’ approach and looking at acts playing smaller clubs, earlier time slots or picked just because we like them. Here are 9 artists that we believe are worth checking out.


Who: King Congo Powers & The Monkey Birds

Where: Divan Orange :: Salle CISM, 11PM

From: Washington, DC

Why: Kid Congo Powers’s smoky blues-punk stylings have shown up on albums from The Cramps, The Gun Club, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. With his solo project, Powers loses none of the intensity that his name suggests.


Who: Adam Cohen

Where: Church of St. John the Evangelist (Red Roof) :: Salle SiriusXM 7PM

From: Montreal, QC

Why: Yes he has a very famous father, but his art is his own. If for some reason you haven’t checked out him out live yet, don’t lose the chance to see this singer/songwriter in his hometown.  Suggest you be early for this one.

Who: Teenanger

Where: Club Lambi, 11PM

From: Toronto, ON

Why: Straight up punk. If you like bands like The Spits, Fat Lips, then this no nonsense 70s influenced punk band is for you.


Who: Diamond Bones

Where: Parc de la Petite-Italie, 1PM & Divan Orange :: Salle CISM 11PM

From: Montreal, QC

Why: Reviewers are calling them:  “Electronic Tribal Space Rock”, “Chilly-N-Synthy-Dark-Disco”, “Shaded Retro Electro”.  We like our Rock in Space, plus they had a song on our guilty pleasure MTV show AWKWARD, so we pick them!

Who: Ronnie Spector

Where: Théâtre Rialto :: Salle Shure 8:45PM

From: New York, NY

Why: Ronnettes! One of the most famous Girl Groups of all time. Living legend. Be My Baby and GO!

Who: Les C-Bee’s

Where: Piccolo Rialto :: Salle Shure, 9:30PM

From: Montreal, QC

Why: Rising from the ashes of the now-defunct local freakbeat group Le Chelsea Beat, Les C-Bee’s form a new psych garage band from Montreal. Discover!

Who: Heaven

Where: L’Escogriffe 10:30PM

From: New York, NY

Why: Dreaming dark fuzzy sonic vibrations. The music will wrap you up and warm your black heart.  If you are a fan of BRMC, don’t miss this.


Who: Indian Handcrafts

Where: Bar le “Ritz” P.D.B. (Il Motore) 9PM

From: Toronto, ON

Why: Two people can’t make a lot of great noise.  If you like your music HEAVY and LOUD.  This is the place to be.


Who: Bonobo

Where: SAT, 9PM

From: Brighton, England

Why: For those who fell in love with Bonobo’s live show of chilled out, down-tempo electronica, get ready for his deft hands on the turntable. The British producer/musician is a master at creating moods and moving bodies with richly mixed soundscapes and lush beats.

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