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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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Monthly Archives: June 2013

NXNE 2013: 16 picks, Off The Beaten Path

June 12, 2013 |


NXNE 2013 is upon us.  Everyone wants your attention. Without a doubt the buzz of ‘what’s hot’ and ‘the places to be seen at’ are deafening.  SASSYTIDBITS is taking the ‘off the beaten path’ approach and looking at acts playing smaller clubs, earlier time slots or picked just because we like them. Here are 16 artists that we believe are worth checking out. Read More

I Play Records – Vol 7: THE PRETENDERS first LP

June 12, 2013 |

I was just in my local record emporium, Eastside Records in Tempe, AZ, with a friend, and Michael, the energetic owner, said he was copying some music to work out to. Lo and behold, he was playing the Pretenders first LP, a verified classic that I still listen to and play songs from when I play out. I told my friend if she didn’t have that LP, she should buy it straightaway, and she’d thank me for it later. It was $2.99 – the record isn’t really rare, but it’s essential.

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