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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Same Seven: Steve Pratt

February 28, 2013 |

Every week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Steve Pratt

Director Of Digital Music,


  1. Where are you?
    In my new home in Vancouver – I just moved two days ago.  I can’t believe I even have internet connectivity to write this.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    I get mildly obsessive about new music.  When something new grabs me, I play it to death until I get sick of it.  Right now, it’s the new Tegan & Sara album, Heartthrob.  So if I have to listen to one thing for six months, this one will likely keep me very happy for most of it.
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    Geting my butt kicked repeatedly at NHL 13 by my seven year old son.
  4. What kind of art do you live with?
    I love to take photos, so having gorgeous photos up on my walls makes me very happy.  My favourites are black and white photographs of natural settings, usually from out here on the West Coast. Read More

Support the Arts – Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk Film

February 25, 2013 |

Cowboys & EnginesSupporting the arts can happen in many ways. Funding is usually the critical beginning, whether you are paying for it on your own, have an investor or have a company backing you.  One of the burgeoning developments is crowd source funding, whether it’s for your music, film, art or a technology project platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo can help make art a reality. What remains important is YOU can easily support the arts without having to be rich. Please put your money where your heart is and remember to SPREAD THE WORD.

–       Thanks Sherry

Support the Arts – Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk FilmCowboys & Engines dr-clay-v4


Artist: Bryn Pryor

Funding Goal: $100,000

Project:  Movie

Current Total: $80,989

How much to go: $19,011

Time remaining: 11 Days

Message from Bryn Pryor:

This film is a labor of love, and an attempt to create something completely original and visually stunning. The movie will be something we can all be proud of; a fun, exciting ride that never becomes silly or tongue-in-cheek. The script is extremely tight, with sharp dialogue and great characters. The cast is first-rate, and though the creative professionals behind the camera might not be household names, they’re a respected team capable of working miracles. Read More

Searching for Sugar Man

February 21, 2013 |

SugarmanWith the Academy Awards coming up on Sunday, we want to bring focus to one of this year’s nominated documentaries Searching For Sugar Man, a story decades in making and of striking dichotomies. Rodriguez, a promising Mexican-American folk songwriter from Detroit records two albums Cold Fact (1970) and Coming From Reality (1971) to little acclaim and no financial success in North America and the UK. Without knowing, these same albums through word-of-mouth become the soundtrack for a generation of young white South Africans during apartheid who disagree with their government. It’s also the story of music piracy, economic sanctions and the effect on culture while living in a police state.

It appears that music can change the world, or at the very least provide a soundtrack to the change.  Visually the documentary tells the story by combining film footage, animation and re-enactments set against the stark coldness and decay of Detroit with the sunshine of South Africa. Read More

Review: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away

February 21, 2013 |

push-the-sky-away-album-artSASSYTIDBITS has had the fifth album from Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPush The Sky Away on repeat since this past weekend.  We suspect die-hard Nick Cave fans have been flocking to on-line stores, REAL records stores (for vinyl) and may also have it on repeat.  The album is a tranquil wash of cinematic sound-scape with vivid lyrics partially inspired by erotic wiki posts and ‘the internet’.

What you expect and look forward to in a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album is THE VOICE, poetic lyrics and music that includes a variation of instruments plus a few loops.  Push The Sky Away is destined to be one of those ‘go-to’ albums.

Current favourite tracks (although they may change):  We No Who U R, Wide Lovely Eyes & Jubilee Street.

If for some reason, you haven’t waded into the world of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, have no fear, there is always a time to start.  If you like any of the following: Leonard CohenBroken Bells, Sparklehorse, Afghan Whigs, Air and PJ Harvey this album is for you. Read More

Same Seven: Bernie Finkelstein

February 15, 2013 |

BernieEvery week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Bernie Finkelstein

Artist Manager, Music Industry Veteran

Prince Edward County and Toronto

  1. Where are you?
    I’m currently at my old farm house in Prince Edward County enjoying the snow.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto      Getz/Gilberto
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    Reading a good book.
  4. What kind of art do you live with?
    All kinds of art.  Paintings, sculptures, music, books.  Lots of Canadian work.  I’m currently high on an old Ontario artist named Manley Macdonald who passed away in 1971 but not before he did lots of paintings of Prince Edward County and the surrounding area.  Great stuff. Read More

I Play Records – Vol 7: THE SONICS

February 12, 2013 |

Sonics albumThis time around we’ll examine some of the legendary forefathers of punk, Tacoma’s own the Sonics.[1] If all was right in the world, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame would have a section devoted to these guys, and if there was a punk hall of fame, these guys would be the cornerstone.

The Sonics were around during a time period when bands did mostly covers or songs that other people wrote through the time when bands started to do mostly originals (they formed in 1960 and broke up at the end of the decade). In this day and age, this still happens more than you would think, although in the punk crowd it’s mostly looked down on (save for a few well selected covers). The Sonics released three LPs during their existence (Here are the Sonics, Boom, and the major label stinker Introducing the Sonics) but there has been a slew of other releases to complement them. It’s best to start with and stick to the first two releases on Etiquette, re-released on Norton, as some of the other stuff can be sappy or of questionable sound quality, but once you dive in I understand if you’ve got to get everything.[2] As with most bands the live stuff can be great to listen to once in a while but it’s also dogged by poor sound quality, which is what kills most live stuff.[3]

Back when Tacoma was a podunk town built around mills and logging and not pills and lattes, the Sonics emerged to play local gigs. They weren’t too outrageous, but had moppy hair and a hipster look. The Beatles emerged but were bested by the Stones,[4] but things hadn’t gotten too wild (at least not in the mainstream – Iggy and the Stooges, for example, were still years off). There had been a tradition of garage and what is now commonly called “frat rock” for a while, and this tradition is from where the Sonics emerged.[5] Read More

Review: Sound City

February 10, 2013 |

Dave Grohl And Sound Board, Sound CitySound City is a project initiated by Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and documents the demise of the legendary Sound City recording studio in Van Nuys, California. It centres on the recording console that was responsible for capturing the sounds of so many legendary artists including Neil Young, Rick Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Metallica, Johnny Cash … basically, if you were anyone in the music industry in the 70s – 90s, you recorded at Sound City.

Full Disclosure: I love everything about Dave Grohl. I loved him in Nirvana. I love him in the Foo Fighters. I loved him on the Grammy’s a few years ago when he was playing drums for Paul McCartney, where he looked to be in danger of peeing his pants with excitement. Mostly I love him because he seems like a genuinely nice and decent person. And I prefer nice people to assholes. That being said, this is not an overwhelmingly positive piece because of what I think of Dave Grohl. It’s an overwhelmingly positive piece because it’s a great documentary and his infectious enthusiasm comes through on screen.

Read More

So, This Happened: West Of Memphis

February 9, 2013 |

WestofMemphisSo, this happened. Screening of the West Of Memphis Documentary.

Let’s start with this;



1. the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity.

2. violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.

3. an unjust or unfair act; wrong.

In 1994 a huge miscarriage of justice was delivered at the hands of the Police, the Coroner and Prosecutor in a case against three teenage boys accused of the most horrific crime, the murder of not only one but three 8 year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. The condemned Damien Echols (18) was sentenced to the Death Penalty, Jason Baldwin (16) and Jesse Misskelley (17) both to life in prison. I am not going to go into too much detail on the backstory of this and encourage you to do some homework if you’re interested in seeing this riveting slice of history, there are three previous documentaries under the moniker Paradise Lost but West Of Memphis does bring you up to date and is quite the compelling detective story. Read More

Same Seven: Catherine Jones

February 9, 2013 |

Catherine Jones 1Every week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Catherine Jones

Director, CTV Music

Toronto, ON

  1. Where are you?
    Tucked into a little corner of the CTV building with a view of the 401.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    Ouch.  I would have to fall back on an early, early favourite; Saturday Night Fever – Bee Gees.  Who doesn’t feel like dancing?
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    All I need is a bed, my iPad and either the kindle app or Netflix.  I can take care of myself from there. Read More

Are You Alright? New Art From Britain

February 6, 2013 |


Graham DolphinWall (Walk In Silence)2012

Graham Dolphin
Wall (Walk In Silence)

Are You Alright? New Art From Britain is now showing at MOCCA and runs until March 24.  Derek Mainella and Elizabeth Eamer curate twelve young artists from Britain: Boo Saville, Caroline Achaintre, Clem Crosby, Dawn Mellor, Elizabeth Eamer, Graham Dolphin, Harry Burden, James Unsworth, Jonathan Baldock, Justin Mortimer, Laura Oldfield Ford, Tom Gidley.

SASSYTIDBITS attended the opening and here are a few of our top picks from the show. Read More

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