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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Review: Bad Religion @ Horseshoe Tavern

January 31, 2013 |

BadReligion1Bad Religion’s new release True North is their sixteenth studio album which contains, surprise, sixteen tracks with only one (Hello Cruel World 3:50) running over 3 minutes. The reviews are coming in strong and with good reason. As you expect, and hope, the songs are mostly fast, include a lot of guitar heavy riffs, harmonies and what every Bad Religion fan waits for – lyrics that matter.  A pretty decent feat for a bunch of Southern California teenagers who started a band thirty five years ago.

After launching the album in LA with a Google+ hangout party, the band headed north to Canada.  On Sunday, January 27 the band played an invite only show at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.  A few hundred folks  packed  into the club to hear songs spanning the band’s career along with a few new ones. Read More

Same Seven: Bob Wiseman

January 24, 2013 |

Bob WisemanEvery week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Bob Wiseman

musical journalist

Toronto, ON

  1. Where are you?
    i am in  your home.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    i would travel back in time and record vincent van gogh’s brother theo trying to persuade vincent to keep painting. then i would record a bilingual dutch/english person recording their transcription with an irish accent. i just like the sound. Read More

I Play Records – Vol 6: Zero Boys

January 20, 2013 |

zero boysListen up kids, it’s the sixth installment of I Play Records, and the second in the series entitled:



This go ‘round, we’re gonna look at a classic yet underappreciated punk rock record called “Vicious Circle” by the Zero Boys outta Indianapolis. Coming out of Indiana? They already faced a major hurdle, i.e. Indianapolis ain’t exactly a rock town (although Toxic Reasons was also from there). Next, look at the timing: early 1980s, (their record was released in 1982 after a single a year or two prior), mostly shitty “post-punk” is flowering, radio friendly “new wave” has replaced the utter weirdness of new wave of the late ‘70s (think Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Tears for Fears, and all that other total fucking bullshit),[1] punk rock is sort of in a bad state as punk is going hardcore (with some notable exceptions of course) and soon to turn toward speed metal (and don’t get me wrong, I like some of that shit too… and liked it then) and is on the cusp of commercial acceptance (but at the same time, walking around cities even like Seattle in punk gear would get you ridiculed). Not only that, Ronald Reagan was in his first term as president (and of course spurred a whole sub-genre of punk rock, the anti-Reagan song). So the Zero Boys were up against a lot Read More

Same Seven: Rory Rovinelli

January 19, 2013 |

RoryEvery week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Rory Rovinelli

Product Manager, Multi Platform Services at Astral Television Networks

Toronto, ON

  1. Where are you?
    Standing on the GO train en route home.
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    Let’s Play by Raffi
    I am a massive Raffi fan and this disc is one of his more recent (2002) works. When I started listening to it in the car after my daughter was born, I reconnected with an artist that I’d always loved. This record really shows what amazing singer/songwriter chops he has. I weep at its beauty. Five mics, a classic. Read More

Review: Olly Moss, Silhouettes From Popular Culture

January 16, 2013 |

English artist Olly Moss‘ book Silhouettes From Popular Culture, is the unique and compelling coffee table book you actually want, or possibly the welcome bathroom reader, all depending where you spend most of your time.  It will be a great addition to your library and makes a remarkably interesting gift idea.  Olly brings 18th century Silhouette art into today’s pop culture. The book’s addictive content reveals something new each view and guarantees every individual a different experience. Without doubt, you will find yourself picking it up whenever a friend comes to visit to deliver your own pop quiz. It’s almost like puzzle art; as you admire the art while trying to figure out who the subject is in each silhouette  Plus, you have the added bonus of pattern inspiration to create, for years to come, the best Jack-o-lantern on the street. We give it a BIG thumbs up. Read More

Same Seven – Kryssta Mills

January 12, 2013 |

Every week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Kryssta Mills

Manager, Television Programs, CFC (Canadian Film Centre)

Toronto, Onterrible

  1. Where are you?
    North of the city of Toronto on 60 pristine acres at the EP Taylor Estate in the Gatehouse (also, it’s my office).
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    Spreading the love with Barry White‘s Greatest Hits.
  3. What is your ultimate couch (burn out/hangover) day entertainment?
    Cuddles and a Christopher Guest movieathon.
  4. What kind of art do you live with?
    These days it’s the written word in the format of a script. Read More

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