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SASSYTIDBITS | January 22, 2018

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NEW YORK, I Love You…column 3

NEW YORK, I Love You…column 3

| On 14, May 2012

Graffiti subway artOne of the great things about living in New York City is that it’s an amazing place to see graffiti art. When you are here you just need to look around. It’s everywhere. There’s walking tours, books, and websites dedicated to documenting the inspiring Gotham street art.

Recently I discovered that there is a an abandoned subway station that features some very cool graffiti art so I had to check it out. I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge subway stop in lower Manhattan to hop on the 6 train. Not a lot of people know this but if you remain on the train after it makes it’s last stop then you can see this hidden station as the subway train makes its turnaround.

Hidden subway station New YorkI waited for a couple of minutes in the station then the 6 train rumbled up to the stop. The doors opened. Everyone got off as they are directed to as the announcer says, “This is the last stop on the train. Everyone please exit the train”. Then I was the only one to jump on. I only had to wait a few seconds for the train to start moving. Then I walked up to the subway doors to see out the window and I got a few glimpses of the City Hall station and the impressive art on the walls.

What I didn’t realize is that the train moves pretty fast so I should have done it a couple more times to soak more of it in. Plus I was not able to snap a pic. I will do it again for sure. You can see some photos of the regal looking station and the street art here.

Catonia Whalen is a Canadian who has lived in New York for the past 10 years. She started in radio and music journalism and then made the transition to doing International marketing for both major and indie labels for the past fifteen plus years. Currently she is working for a global digital distribution company called The Orchard. She’s had the opportunity to travel around the world as part of her job and also does it for fun when time permits. She also loves DJing on a regular basis (as DJ Catskillz) at events & dive bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Plus she is into music, modern art, wellness cuisine, biking, and vintage fashion. More here.

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