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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Support the Arts – Points Gray Album

March 31, 2012 |

Supporting the arts can happen in many ways. Funding is usually the critical beginning, whether you are paying for it on your own, have an investor or have a company backing you.  One of the burgeoning developments is crowd source funding, whether it’s for your music, film, art or a technology project platforms like Kickstarter and indiegogo can help make art a reality. What remains important is YOU can easily support the arts without having to be rich. Please put your money where your heart is and remember to SPREAD THE WORD.

–       Thanks Sherry

 Support the Arts – Points Gray Album

Artist: Points Grey (Robert Dayton, Dan Bejar, Julian Lawrence)

Project:  Points Grey Vinyl Release

Funding Goal: $5,000

Current Total: $1,670

How much to go: $3,330

Time remaining: 21 Days

Message from Robert Dayton:

What I am doing is a campaign to get the Points Gray album released on vinyl.  Read More

Same Seven – The Good Lovelies

March 29, 2012 |

Every week we ask people the same seven questions

This week meet:

Caroline from The Good Lovelies


Toronto, ON


  1. Where are you?
    I am in my kitchen, in my house, in Toronto (it’s a very rare pleasure

    these days to be at home!)
  2. If, starting today, you could only listen to one record/cd/digital album for six months, what would it be?
    I would find it very easy to listen to anything by Sarah Harmer for six months. She’s one of my favourites – particularly her record I’m a Mountain. Read More

CMW 2012 – Day 4 & 5

March 27, 2012 |

Canadian Music Week 2010 – Day 4

Tracey POV

Food – 1 Award Show – 2 Bands – 1 Hotel – 0 Sleep – 1 Walk of Shame


The day starts late (or early). I need to eat before the awards show. I meet a bunch of people before to have some food.

Awards Show – Sirius Indie Music Awards

Rachel (Rdio), Alisa (Super Cool), Quentin (Music Canada), Ronan (Beggars Group) and I meet up and go into the show. It was only 8:20 and already we had missed of awards. Jeff Leake looked very nice on stage and reminds me of Woody Harrelson (maybe because I had just seen The Hunger Games). The bottles of beer and spirits were an outrageous $10+. Rachel suggests we go down to the Lobby Bar and have one there. Lucky day, as we sit down a man says he has just ordered a cheeseburger and would any of us be interested…as it was too late to cancel the order and it was paid for. Rachel and Alisa yes, “yes please”! I don’t eat meat, or I would have be all in there. Turns out, he works for Tunecore, I think Tunecore is great and tell him so, he thanks us, and we thank him. Turns out he is one of the founders. Extra points for Tunecore! Read More

Hunger Games Review

March 26, 2012 |

Tracey and I have decided to review the Hunger Games on the first day of release with the diehard fans.  We decide to attend the 1pm screening on the opening Friday.

I am running behind due to Canadian Music Week meetings.  When I get to the theatre Tracey is already waiting with popcorn!  What a great pal. It takes a while to grab the tickets we ordered on line since I didn’t print them out and they won’t take it on your mobile phone that way.  After sorting it out, we finally get into the theatre.

It’s pretty quiet. I am surprised that it’s not sold out, although it was ¾ full and running every half hour. The UltraAVX theatre we are in is reserved seating, so being late has no effect on our perfect view.  It’s also nice to see they are still in preview mode; of course, there must have been a year’s worth of big Hollywood ‘hopeful’ blockbuster features wanting to have their trailer shown before this movie.

Overview of the previews we saw:  The Amazing Spiderman, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (lots of laughter for this one), GI Joe: Retaliation, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, The Cabin in the Woods.  Okay here we are….there seems to be some giddiness in the crowd now…here we go! Read More

CMW 2012 – Day 3

March 26, 2012 |

Tracey POV

0 CMW – 0 bands – 1 movie – 1 dog seizure

Saw the Hunger Games. Chill out at home; try to leave the house to see The Saint Alvia Cartel. My dog has a seizure. I miss the show.

Sherry  POV

1 meeting – 0 panels – 1 movie – 5 Bands – Work

Home by 5am and up to get to my meeting for 11am, which I need to push to noon.

Meeting 1

I meet Dave Fortune at the Royal York by the round staircase, everyone who knows the hotel can relate to this meeting spot.  We head over to Starbucks as I need a coffee and there is not much to choose from around the area. 

Dave and I have known each other for years….so many years in fact, that I really can’t remember when we first met.  I know he was managing SNFU and they were on Epitaph at the time.  The great thing about the music and entertainment industries is that you can have an extended family through your career.  Dave has been doing production work for over 15 years.  Since he is based in Vancouver it is a great time to catch up on new endeavors and all our mutual pals. 

Movie 1 – Hunger Game   Please see our review post for comments. Read More

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