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SASSYTIDBITS | December 17, 2017

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Tracey McNamara has over 20 years of experience based primarily in the music industry. She has worked in a variety of roles including A&R, talent acquisition/development, copyright management, content programming/management and client relations. Her previous employers include BMG, Virgin/Capitol/EMI, Casablanca Music Publishing, Neilsen Entertainment /Soundscan, VideoScan and TELUS.

Tracey is an instructor at George Brown College covering Music Copyright & Law as well as Music Merchandise. She has also consulted on major projects for the NXNE Festival, JUNO Awards and several television, film and music video projects, including Rock Camp, The Great Canadian Music Dream and The Aboriginal Music Awards.

A Jedi-master of connecting-the-dots across entertainment and digital strategy projects, Tracey also REALLY likes Nutella and banana wraps. Oh, and key lime pie.  In her spare time, Tracey likes to capture people on video doing strange things, this is for her own personal amusement.


Trixi Travis grew up in Calgary, where she attended the Film & TV program at S.A.I.T. After a brief stint in Vancouver, she moved south to Los Angeles. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years, including creative development, production and freelance writing. She currently splits her time between L.A. and Vancouver, working on feature films and producing live variety shows. She is interested in pop culture, music, fashion, cats, drag queens and her favourite season is awards season.







La La is a name bestowed on me by a good friend and it just ‘stuck’.  I’ve had many names throughout my lives but this fits as a suitable persona.  This journey will be one focused on Pop Culture and my personal views on the cause and effect of the incredible, the unbelievable and the significant. I will put out questions even those that have no answers, everyone has a role to play in this never ending story. My credentials include Music professional, avid Book reader, Poetry lover, Film fan, Art admirer and lest we forget I’m of sound mind and feel common sense is on the side of the greater good and should always be in the room.  Final word;  My opinions are my own.  




Wez Lundry is a professor, a reverend, a doctor, a DJ and a staff writer for Thrasher skateboarding magazine. When he is not poking fun at “the kids” you can find him sipping cappuccino and admiring art. His claim to fame is working at Seattle’s Fallout Records for a decade before, during, and after the glory days of grunge music, an entirely made up genre that seems to be enjoying a comeback. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and when he is not actively trying to get out of Phoenix with his lovely wife Meg, he is busy skating the empty pools of the great financial collapse.


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